On March 9th at the Helsinki Hair and Beauty exhibition in Finland, MAGO® Hair Extension System was finally launched! Partnering with Simply Natural® of Kinnunen, MAGO® was able to launch successfully. At the event, we promoted the new extension system and received a variety of great responses.


                                                <Spectators crowding to see the demonstation of the MAGO®>


Some intensely stared at the extension, opening their mouths wide. Some blinked their eyes continuously, as if they couldn’t believe their own eyes! They were all shocked by such revolutionary idea… but… in a very good way! They loved the simplicity and efficiency of attaching and removing the extension. And they loved that it was chemical-free! Even we were surprised by the number of great responses we received from the spectators. We couldn’t have imagined it better!


        <Famous Finnish radio DJ Kimmo Vehviläisen interviewing Tommi Kinnunen of Simply Natural> 


By the end of the exhibition, we were sure that MAGO®’s launch in Finland was very successful. We are also very happy that MAGO® can become a huge help towards women who wish to get rid of the frustrations and discomfort from using other extension systems.

Now that we have seen the great number of positive reactions of the MAGO® in Finland, we built the courage and the strength to reach further out towards other countries with our new system! We are looking ahead towards a very bright future!


        <The founder of MAGO®, Mr. Lee, taking a group photo with the Simply Natural MAGO® team>



For more information on how to get MAGO®,
please visit our European partner’s website at www.simplynatural.fi


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