I actually used the tape weft for 2 years, but now I want to try something NEW. It was the MAGO®  technology that Kinnunen represents in Finland, and also has a patent for the system as well. The idea is a natural extension that does not harm your hair. The technique was developed for ten years and now it has finally arrived also here in Finland 🙂 I had opportunity with a couple of other bloggers to try and get MAGO®  extensions in my head. I was really interested in extensions which are very popular. Therefore, it was nice to get the chance to try the new technology that has just arrived in Finland. :)In addition to the extension, the best black hairstylist, was just have been trained, and got the diploma to attach the MAGO® extension. With the diploma, the technology is unable to do by anyone, just anywhere, but only with a professional. This result is guaranteed to be a successful extensions!

I got even more interested when I found out that the technique used cotton yarn KNOTS, and MAGO® never damage your hair .. I’m sorry what?! Questions flooded my head more and more, and I wanted to know more about this, I waited a few weeks to meet up hairdresser, who is wonderful skilled hair dresser and MAGO® Master Trainer, Miia-Maria  Levälampi who was called me to the Stage Eleven Salon on Alexander street 🙂

While I walked in, tension waved in with my short hair 🙂 The colors were pre-chosen a few weeks earlier with hair dresser Miia, so the MAGO® already waiting for me in the place.

I just got my brush for the extension! The correction brushing and making right section is always really important in extensions, or not it will rip the hair too much and easily comes off. I noticed a few times that the extensions thinned a lot faster. The right brush for this extension is a brush with plastic spikes and smooth black brush, this is a gentle, but also actually brushes your hair, and guaranties the quality of the extension 🙂

I selected two shades, so that the end result will be more natural and, in fact, a mixture of the two, was completely same as my own hair! Mago technology uses Indian Remy Hair which you cannot get everywhere. This means in practice that it is the market’s best hair product that you can get. Hair from India and hand-made in Indonesia. The production factory is being very careful about the quality of each hair and the growth direction, so that the hair would be in the best quality.


Photos taken after we finished the hair settings. MAGO® experience was so fantastic experience. Now you can see that fixing technology better.

Indeed, there appears those nodes that are placed in my hair. I’ll post a video of the MAGO technology, which shows the attaching process a little bit more :)My own MAGO® experience was very great moment (especially when I attached lots of hair) very gentle, and in fact, I felt nothing at all.

I select 50cm extension shades of B4 and B3.

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The extension is in 30cm and 50cm, but it can also be custom made. If you want a longer and colors can also be order as you desire, even if the finished colors can be found in a wide range 🙂

The end result was pretty fantastic, natural, lightweight. Something so different from when I have been living with tapes 🙂 I was able to cover all parts of my scalp. I just had kind of strong feeling that extension should have been this ‘MAGO® way’ from the beginning.

Time, cost, and number of the extensions depends on how much hair you need, what kind of hair you have, the results to be achieved and what length? I used 7-8 package and each package has 25 pieces. So, my head is a little under 200 pieces with 130-140g of human hair. The price does not go by time, but depending on the amount of the package. I’ve got to pay around six hundred. This new method is now being trained to many full-time hairdressers, so surely it will soon be in many salons I bet!!! 🙂

 – End

*this article is from http://uino.indiedays.comsome contents may be different due to google translation error 🙂

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