“The essence is the Hair and we know this too well”



Handmade from top to bottom

Strand by strand, all Mago products are delicately crafted, from the hair to the string. All made by hand from our technicians and experts who has been working with hair products for over 20 years with the spirit of craftsmanship.


With meticulously selected Remy Indian Hair only

We start from the finest Remy Indian Hairs, from the temples in India, which are meticulously selected and tested for the quality of the raw hair. It takes more than 30 days for one bundle of Hair to be processed and finished as Mago Hair. And our Research and Development department continues to find a better way to preserve and process the hairs. Our aim for the best quality that keeps moving forward.



“Where does the hair come from?”

indianhairpackageThe hair comes from the temples in India where they donate their hair to the gods as prayers. Since they do not have other use for the hair after it’s cut, the temples then collects the hair and sells them to hair corporations for a fair price for use in the beauty market. This way we can get sustainable supply of rich Indian hair, that is also fairly traded, unlike other hair around the world.
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