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Attaching is Easy but the removal is MAGIC!

The Mago Knot is already made and ready on the ring, all that needs to be done is pull. The Knot then will make a double knot attaching itself on to the hair. But the real magic happens when removing the extensions. Before we have been using chemical solvents to remove the strands. But since Mago is connected with a simple knot, removal of the extension is just a scissors cut away. With a single cut to the section of the Knot the string releases itself and extension is removed. No machines, No heavy tools, No chemicals, only a scissors. It’s clean and healthy.


attachmentprocessUse the loop to insert the hair inside the knot, then pull the string to tie the extensions on to the hair and cut out the remaining string


removalprocessCut the section of the knot. Pull the hair open and remove the remaining knot

The Comfort that you have never experienced with Extensions

The Mago is actually attached separate from the own hair giving much more room for flexibility, so the movement of the extension is absolutely free from the hair resulting in lower stress of the weight to the scalp. Also the cotton-polyester string is small and soft, so the scalp does not get irritated when going to bed. Costumers that have been using other extensions will notice the difference from the minute we attach our first strand on their hair.

Designed for Professionals


By tying our Mago knots, we can avoid using chemicals and machines to our customers, but more importantly we can enforce a chemical-free working environment to our Hair Stylists, helping them to have more healthy hands and use less chemicals while also helping our environment. And that is why we believe that Mago Hair Extensions is the true sound solution for true beauty for all.

stringnew“Will the extension stay?”

When the extension is securely locked, it will stay on the customer’s hair for more than 6 months. The knot makes a hook out of the hair and links itself on to the hook, making it much more secure.

“What about when soaked in water? or do we need to use special shampoo?”

No. The Mago string is made of cotton polyester, and it actually shrinks when it meets with water making the knot more firmly attached. A good analogy would be what happens to the knots on the tied shoes when they are wet; its harder to untie them.

“Can it accidentally cut the hair?”

There is a section of the knot where you can cut the knot safely without cutting any customers hair in the process. With correct knowledge and practice we can remove Mago Extensions safely and easily.

“How long does it take to apply and remove full set of Mago Extensions?”

An experienced Mago Specialist can attach a full set of Mago Hair Extensions to a customer in approximately 1~1.5 hours, and remove a full set in less than 1 hour.
Do you have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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