<Here we are! The MAGO specialists! >

On September 10th MAGO training session for trainers from Sweden had begun for three days in Espoo, Finland.

Three trainers, Pernilla, Tina and Anna from Sweden with our head educator Miia-Maria gathered around at the Kinnunen office in Espoo, Finland for this special event.


On the first day, we started with a presentation that introduces MAGO then the head educator demonstrated MAGO treatment on mannequin head for the Swedish trainers.

Their eyes widely opened as soon as they saw the MAGO attachment however they found the skill quiet tricky at the begging.


On the next day, practice session had kicked off. They are working on a mannequin head. Fully concentrated on the MAGO technique learning. Their fingers getting more flexible than ever!

Confident enough! Afterwards they attached MAGO on each other’s so that they could experience how it feels like to have MAGO extensions.

                        <Pernilla and Anna is attaching MAGO on Tina with our head educator Miia-Maria>
        <Miia-Maria shows her skill to Pernilla and Anna>
                                  <Miia-Maria is giving advice for Pernilla on MAGO attachment. >
<Shampooing right after the MAGO attachment. Don’t worry. MAGO will NOT fall out! Actually the knots get more tightened by water. >

On the third day morning trainers shared the overnight experience of MAGO and some of them said, “Surprisingly! I couldn’t feel the extensions at all!”

After lunch, live model had arrived at the spot! Our trainers have completed their first MAGO attachment on live models. Astonishing job ladies!


These skillful trainers successfully underwent three days of MAGO education course. Soon, they will be taking tours to spread MAGO techniques that they learned throughout this training session for the hairdressers in Sweden.

After the MAGO training session is finished we welcomed 14 Swedish sales representatives for the MAGO briefing seminar on September 13th.

                                <Swedish sales representatives watching the presentation of MAGO>

Fourteen male Swedish sales representatives were all ears for the presentation about MAGO hair extension. We shared our MAGO experiences from A to Z through the Q&A session after the presentation.

All of the representatives attended actively on the seminar raising tones of questions showing the enthusiasm about MAGO.

      <Celebrating the successful MAGO seminar with champagne! Gentlemen look great in MAGO(마고) beanie!>

We witnessed promising vision of MAGO in Sweden and we look forward to meet you in Sweden.

                                         <A Group photo in front of the Kinnunen office in Espoo, Finland >

MAGO is now available in Sweden!

Se dig snart!

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