Before officially launching our MAGO® Hair Extensions in Finland, we visited Helsinki to finalize our training sessions to four very talented hairdressers, Miia-Maria Miisku Levälampi, Päivi Räisänen, Pauliina Pekkola, and Anni Kosunen. They enjoyed learning how to attach and remove the MAGO® Hair Extensions and were excited that they get to do it on live models!

We invited two models, a very famous body builder and singer from Finland. The four hairdressers took their time to test the extensions and attach them onto the models. The models were quite surprised how fast it took for these hairdressers to attach 120~ 150 strands of MAGO® on their hair. It took them only about an hour.  As soon as they got their extensions, they tested their hair movement and loved how natural it looked and felt.

Now we have four extremely talented master trainers by our sides. There are more hairdressers who are, right at this moment, being trained and certified to do MAGO® Hair Extensions. We are looking towards the day when we can meet and congratulate each and every hairdressers of MAGO® Hair Extensions in Finland.

Kiitos and we will see you again!


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