It may still be very cold in Finland. It still gets down to -5℃ to -10℃ times to times. For many of us that live below Finland, this is quite cold for April.

However, this year, Finland was very HOT. From Helsinki to all the way to Oulu, a new hair extensions technology, MAGO® hair extensions landed in Finland with excitement.

MAGO® hair demo, introduced the new hair extension system, by our MAGO® Master trainers from our initial Training in Finland in February. They introduced how the technique is different from other existing hair extensions systems and showed how it works on live models. After the session, followed by hands on mannequins for the hairdressers to try out MAGO® themselves.

We had our MAGO® Demo in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu Helsinki, Espoo, Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and in Turku.

MAGO® Demo in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu HelsinkiMAGO® Demo in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu Helsinki

MAGO® Demo in EspooMAGO® Demo in Espoo

MAGO® Demo in LappeenrantaMAGO® Demo in Lappeenranta

MAGO® Demo in Jyväskylä MAGO® Demo in Jyväskylä

MAGO® Demo in KuopioMAGO® Demo in Kuopio

MAGO® Demo in TurkuMAGO® Demo in Turku

For those hairdressers already signed up for the training on the Helsinki Hair & Beauty back in March, the MAGO® technicians visited their salons for the training sessions. For the distinguished salons in Finland, it was crucial that they learned this new technique to keep being competitive in the beauty industry.

Initial training on the mannequin heads, followed by a demonstration on a live model. The technicians gave them feedback on their progress, and gave them tips and know-hows. After their final tests, they were certified as professional MAGO® Hairdressers, and celebrating with a bottle of Champaign.

The Salons participated are Peili in Helsinki, Grani Hair in Kauniaistentie, Lime Hair Salon & Shop in Kirkkonummi, Stage 11 in Helsinki, Tangle in Salo, Salon Marjo Ahola Oy in Kokkola, Salon Noir in Helsinki, Hius express in Turku, and LS-style in Oulu.

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MAGO® Training in Peili, HelsinkiMAGO® Training in Peili, Helsinki

MAGO® Training in Lime Hair Salon & Shop, KirkkonummiMAGO® Training in Lime Hair Salon & Shop, Kirkkonummi

MAGO® Training in Grani Hair, KauniaistentieMAGO® Training in Grani Hair, Kauniaistentie

MAGO® Training in Tangle, SaloMAGO® Training in Tangle, Salo

MAGO® Training in Salon Marjo Ahola Oy, KokkolaMAGO® Training in Salon Marjo Ahola Oy, Kokkola

MAGO® Training in Salon Noir, HelsinkiMAGO® Training in Salon Noir, Helsinki

MAGO® Training in Hius express, TurkuMAGO® Training in Hius express, Turku

MAGO® Training in Kauneuskeskus Day Spa Heavenly Nails, HelsinkiMAGO® Training in Kauneuskeskus Day Spa Heavenly Nails, Helsinki

MAGO® Training in LS-styl, OuluMAGO® Training in LS-styl, Oulu

It will be a very hot summer in Finland, with more and more hairdressers and salons joining our journey to the next chapter of hair extensions.

Thank you all!


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