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stringnewWe teach the professionals on how to correctly apply and remove Mago Hair Extensions. To be able to apply Mago Hair Extensions, a hair stylist must be trained and certified by the Mago Master Stylists to ensure the quality and safety of our Mago System. In these seminars we teach the stylist on the correct application and removal process of Mago Hair Extensions, with in-depth sessions from our experienced Mago Master Stylists. The Academy consists 11 sessions in a span of 12 Hours in total.

<Mago Academy Sessions>
 - Introduction Presentation
 - Mago Demonstration
 - Mago Basic Attachment Training
 - Mago Advanced Method Training
 - Mago Removal Training
 - Mago In-depth Training
 - Cross Attachment Practice
 - Discussions and Feedback
 - Live Model Practice
 - Skill check and Graduation


Training Manuals and Training Hair will be provided in seminars. In the end of the seminar a certified Diploma will be given to the stylists that graduated the Mago Hair Academy and they will be fully qualified to purchase and attach Mago to customers.

With the careful attention to the details in the skills of our Mago Professionals, we aim to bring maximum customer satisfaction to our customers as well as our hair stylists.


For more information regarding our training sessions please give us an email to

Thank you.

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