“There are many ways to connect,
but the right one was yet to be discovered”



Finding new ways to connect

shoelaceHair extensions are used daily with various methods, some of us preferred hot melt glues, tapes or micro rings, thinking that these were the only effective ways to get the result we wanted. However, constant curiosity brought us to long forgotten and the most ancient but historically proven linking method, tying a Knot. This is where we started our journey by re-discovering our most ancient invention, focusing on the fundamental extension system it is to connect Easily, Securely and above all… Truly Naturally.

Historically proven method

otherknotsThe knot is used since the beginning of mankind when we started to make tools for hunting. If fire is the first discovery by humanity, we believe that a Knot could be one of our first inventions. Even though the knot is an extremely ancient technology, it is still used widely in our daily lives as well as in many different professional areas, such as climbing, fishing, sailing and so on. This is because a Knot is more Strong, Secure and Reliable than any other linking system. Most of us tie our shoelaces or neckties on daily basis. This is because the Knot is easy and simple to use, and we are taught to do it while being kids. So wouldn’t it be great? Having hair extensions that are Easy and Simple to use, but Strong, Secure and Reliable, while also not using any electric equipment and chemicals, but only utilizing our most ancient technology that we all know… Tying a Knot, for Hair Extensions.

Worldwide Patented technology

worldwideThe knot is fully patented around the major hair markets around the world. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, Australia and many more. Protecting our technology for our business partners, as well as our Hair professionals.


“What does Mago mean?”

magologoforpageMago is an ancient goddess from Korea. A goddess who is in charge of all Natural Life on Earth. She can be translated into english as Mother Earth. Her brown hair represents the Earth, symbolizing our inborn natural beauty, and her golden extension represents the Sun symbolizing new life energy. We believe that since Mago Hair Extension is the most natural and healthy extension system, it will bring new life and energy to our innate natural beauty.

“What kind of knot is used in Mago?”

koreamountainsMago was born in Korea, where Mountains cover 70% of the land. Here hiking is a regular workout for many Koreans, and Mago was invented by borrowing idea and using one of this land's climbing knots. 


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