The revolutionary Knot based hair extension system for professionals


Only with a pair of scissors and a hair looper you can attache a full set of Mago Hair Extensions in an hour*. The knot is a doubple climbing knot that is used to secure the life of the climbers, so without cutting the knot, it is impossible to fall out.


Just by cutting a section of the knot, Mago hair is removed in a second. with no residue, no pain to the scalp, and even benefits the professionals as they do not need to use chemicals for removal. You can remove a full set in a matter of minutes.

with the highest quality standard in the market

hand made with meticulously selected Remy Indian hair only

Strand by strand, all Mago products are delicately crafted, from the hair to the string. All made by hand from our technicians and experts who has been working with hair products for over 20 years with the spirit of craftsmanship.


Join the excitement

“live, beautiful”

Everyone is born beautiful.
By avoiding everything that is intended,
and by focusing on what lies within our own
we believe that we can discover the true beauty that innate in all of us.
Re-discover your true beauty with

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